Grandma’s Pound Cake with Raspberry Drizzle

The look in your eyes, I recognize it. You used to have it for me. Is it my imagination, or have tempers become a little frayed on the ship lately? Why don’t we just give everybody a promotion and call it a night – ‘Commander’? I’m afraid I still don’t understand, sir. Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns.

Then maybe you should consider this: if anything happens to them, Starfleet is going to want a full investigation. Yesterday I did not know how to eat gagh. That might’ve been one of the shortest assignments in the history of Starfleet. Maybe if we felt any human loss as keenly as we feel one of those close to us, human history would be far less bloody.

I guess it’s better to be lucky than good. This is not about revenge.

The Enterprise computer system is controlled by three primary main processor cores, cross-linked with a redundant melacortz ramistat, fourteen kiloquad interface modules. Smooth as an android’s bottom, eh, Data?

The unexpected is our normal routine. We could cause a diplomatic crisis. Take the ship into the Neutral Zone Now we know what they mean by ‘advanced’ tactical training. I recommend you don’t fire until you’re within 40,000 kilometers.

About four years. I got tired of hearing how young I looked. A lot of things can change in twelve years, Admiral. The Federation’s gone; the Borg is everywhere!