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ULTA BEAUTY should be your initial stop when searching for the hottest beauty products. With their comprehensive brand preference, you’re assured of discovering your ideal beauty must-have. ULTA BEAUTY caters to all choices, regardless of their beauty style.
From skincare to makeup, ULTA BEAUTY has it all. Be it a new foundation or an eyeshadow palette. You can always find something fresh and exciting with brands like Urban Decay, Tarte, and Too Faced.
It also contains a variety of haircare products. ULTA BEAUTY has whatever you want, from shampoos and conditioners to hair and styling tools, be it a hair dryer or curling iron.
Finally, it offers fragrances for both men and women, whether you’re looking for something fresh or a classic scent, from traditional perfumes like Chanel N^5 to modern favorites like Tom Ford.

Let me list a few of my beloved products;
 The Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. This moisturizer has a light, gel-like texture that soaks up speedily into the epidermis, releasing it smooth and elastic. It is appropriate for every kind of skin and contains peptides to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles as well as fine lines.
 The First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body with 10% AHA seems to be another must-have from Ulta. This scrub is suitable for individuals who suffer from keratosis pilaris. It provides physical and chemical exfoliants to smooth and soften the skin’s appearance.
“My biggest tip is to try out samples or travel sizes first; travel-sized products you to test a product before committing to the full extent. This is especially helpful when it comes to skincare, as everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products.”
Irrespective of your budget or beauty necessities, Ulta Beauty’s overall brand preference provides a solution for everyone. Ulta is the ideal place to find your next beauty must-haves, thanks to its incredible deals, professional services, and diverse product selection.


8 Make Up Tips In With A New Taste

1. Seal Your Lashes To Make Them Look Fuller.
Makeup Tricks

A quick way to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliner: mascara stamping. Gently pressing the mascara against the bottom of the lashes gives them a fuller, darker look, almost like eyeliner, but more natural.

2. Choose a Blush Formula Based on Your Needs.
Types of Blush

Understanding what kind of blush you need can help you get the perfect results for your face. Powdered formulas work great for people with larger pores, while creams offer a moist finish and last longer. Gels are great for a nice, healthy glow, but they don’t usually have high staying power, while stains are perfect for those who tend to sweat a lot. Here’s our guide to the four main types! To buy this article Click Here.

3. Choose a Blush Shade That Flatters Your Skin Tone.
Deep Blush

Blush can make your skin look radiant, but if you’re wearing the wrong color, it can actually clash with your complexion. Check out our handy guide to choosing the best shade for your skin tone so you can look radiant. To buy this article Click Here.

4. Choose an Under-Eye Concealer for Your Needs.
Corrector Tricks

Do you have dark circles? Swelling? Fine lines? Everyone’s under-eye problems are different, so be sure to take your skin’s concerns into account and choose the best concealer for the job. To buy this article Click Here.

5. Use The Face Glow For A Natural Looking Glow.
Facial Shine

Tired of your typical highlighter? Give face glow a try. Instead of contouring your face, all you need to do is apply some light reflective gloss to the top of the cheekbones, the browbones, and the center of the lips. To buy this article Click Here.

6. Get Effortless Groomed Brows in No Time.
Pencil vs Powder

If you are too filling in your brows with thick pencils, powders, and gels, you may want to try brow pomade instead. It only takes 10 seconds to apply, and it fills, sponges, and shapes, all while looking totally natural. To buy this article Click Here.

7. Apply Blush According To The Shape of Your Face.
Blush According To The Shape of Your Face

When applying blush, using bone structure as a guide will give you the most flattering look. For example, oval face shapes should start the application on the cheekbones, lightly sweeping the temples. Follow our guide to discover the right blush technique for your face shape to get the most out of your blush. To buy this article Click Here.

8. Make Blush the Ultimate Multitasker.
Blush On Your Eyelids and Cheeks

Optimize your makeup look by using a sheer watermelon blush (or whatever color is your perfect shade) on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Here’s how to do it without looking like a clown. To buy this article Click Here.


Beauty That Fulfills the Soul When Done!!

Whether you are a beauty beginner or have been interested in all things makeup and hair for years, there is always something new you can learn. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup artist and beauty editor-approved tips and tricks. These beauty tips will help you make your drugstore makeup look like a pro, get the most out of your favorite skincare products, and make your hair look like a salon every day. Bonus: These tips are so simple, you won’t have to change your entire routine to reap the benefits of these easy makeup, hair, and nail tips.

1. Use Petroleum Jelly for a Smudge-Free Manicure.
Beauty tips
To keep the homemade manicure on your nails (and not the skin around them), dab a little petroleum jelly around the boundary where the nails end and the skin begins. Wait for the manicure to dry, and then wash your hands; Any polish that has fallen on top of the Vaseline will wash off immediately. To buy this article Click Here.

2. Apply Dry Shampoo Before Going to Bed.
Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a last minute lifesaver when you have to be somewhere but don’t have time to wash your hair. But you can actually get more out of your bottle of dry shampoo by applying it before bed. “I like to wear it before bed,” says April Franzino, Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping. “The hair will absorb it while you sleep and you will look fresh in the morning.” To buy this article Click Here.

3. Touch, Don’t Rub, Perfume on Your Wrists.
Touching Perfume on Wrists

This simple tip will make your perfume last much longer: do not rub your wrists to apply the perfume (it makes it disappear faster). Instead, press together. To buy this article Click Here.

4. Be Careful With The Concealer For a Natural Look.
Concealer Trick

Contrary to popular belief, loading the lower part of the eyes with concealer will not erase those dark circles; in fact, wearing a ton of coverage looks really unnatural and can make you look older. Instead, use a thin layer of a clear concealer that matches your skin tone without completely covering your complexion. To buy this article Click Here.

5. Move Your Eyeliner Down For a Rounder Eye.
Makeup Tricks

A cat eye will always be great, but this “puppy eyeliner” Korean makeup trend has us hooked. Instead of moving the eyeliner up at the end, drag it down toward the cheekbone for a rounder, broader-looking eye. To buy this article Click Here.

6. Use This Map for Your Makeup.
Makeup Tricks

Knowing what each part of your eye is called is half the battle when it comes to following beauty tutorials. Be sure to add this handy guide to your Pinterest beauty board so you can master your makeup. To buy this article Click Here.

7. Slip Your Powdered Lipstick Through a Tissue.
Lipstick Trick

Tired of your lipstick smearing, smudging, or fading throughout the day? Set with translucent powder, but do not apply directly to lips. Instead, blot with a tissue so just the right amount of powder gets into your pout. And follow the rest of this simple lipstick tutorial to keep your color beautiful for as long as possible. To buy this article Click Here.

8 Use Multiple Face Masks to Maximize Your Results.
Makeup Tricks
To buy this article Click Here.
Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all, so customizing your routine can help you get the best results for your complexion. “Multiple masking is when multiple face masks are worn or placed on the skin simultaneously to combat different skin problems at the same time,” explains New York City esthetician Cecilia Wong. If you have an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, for example, you can use a hydrating mask on the sides of your face and a charcoal mask on your forehead, nose, and chin. It’s like you are in a spa!


5 Deodorants In Special Fragrance and Antiperspirant

Fragrances of all kinds and brands, the after bathing antiperspirants are available here. These deodorants make the smell of an individual better and transform your slow an sloppy day into an active on that you want to have. It is a brand that you would want to count on and makes you seem much frank and fresher than you thought.

This deodorant is DOLCE&GABBANA The One For Men Deodorant. Which is a US brand and it is the perfume collection which you will add on and make yourself look back to the future again. Purchase the item at $29 and at 25% off discount for you and limited time sale is on and you can purchase through store online.

When you settle for a deodorant, are you faced with the difficulty of choosing between a deodorant stick and a spray? Both have their own package of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s learn a little more about their differences.

The smell of the armpits is the most common and a great displeasure. Despite repeated rains, it persists, in some people more, in others less. Therefore, using the right deodorant stick or spray can will make you look attractive and presentable. But it could also leave certain chemicals on your skin, affecting your overall health. That is why a natural stick deodorant also becomes important to our consideration.

Now let’s go directly to the topic at hand, that is, sticks vs. sprays, which one should you prefer?

Aerosol deodorants
Sweat has no odor of its own. The odor that we generally recognize as underarm body odor is actually the reaction between sweat and bacteria present on our skin. Although spray deodorants effectively counteract underarm odor, they do nothing to prevent bacterial growth on the skin. Most deodorant sprays contain a chemical fragrance that masks body odor and keeps it fresh and smelling fresh for longer.

The professionals:

It dries very easily since it is a spray. You don’t have to wait long and wait for the spray to dry.
Applying deodorant spray is quick and easy. Just spray it on.
You can use spray everywhere and anywhere compared to sticks.

Most deodorant sprays contain harsh and harmful chemicals that end up causing damage to your skin, especially if you have very sensitive skin.
Carrying aerosol deodorants while traveling is a problem in some countries, due to their high alcohol content, which makes the aerosols quite flammable.

Stick deodorant
Natural stick deodorants have come to be adopted by many as all-natural solutions to prevent body odor. Yes! Prevent, and not just counteract. An all-natural deodorant stick will come as an herbal blend enriched with compatible organic compounds for better performance. And the herbs have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, allowing the natural deodorant stick to attack the root cause of underarm body odor – bacteria buildup. They’re also super compact, available as solids and gels that work as easy-to-apply stick deodorants.


With a Bright Makeup and Look, Try These 4 Brushes

Try this new kind of brush that has excellent features and gets the makeup on perfectly. Choose the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Foundation Brush #70 and use it for your local makeups you do at home. It is for $30 and an extra 20% off discount when you buy it through the discount store sephora.

This brush is unique and has the perfect features that are necessary for a good makeup tool used before getting ready for a party of occasion. This brush do has the best reflection and it a specially designed make up item in use. Get the best of your makeup preparations and use this one.

Makeup brushes are (or should be) a staple in any beauty routine; They are the bread and butter of makeup application and can take you from a good 7 to a 10 in no time. We all love a makeup brush, but with so many varieties on the market (it’s all a bit overwhelming), you’re often left wondering where to start. You will no doubt know what most brushes do, but putting them to use can be an entirely different story, and knowing which ones are really worth the investment can be mind-boggling.

If you’re a makeup newbie, or just can’t work your powder brush with your blush brush, don’t panic, as always, we’ve got you covered. Whether your goal is to perfect that flawless foundation, achieve incredible cheekbones, or that coveted Insta brow, check out our handy makeup brush guide and we’ll help you determine the type of brushes you need and, more importantly, how to use them.

Foundation Brush – Probably the most daunting of all, but certainly the most important. We are sure you will agree with us when we say that your foundation is the main makeup step you need the most to perfect; it’s your canvas and there’s little advantage to working that contour if you haven’t enhanced your foundation (all she wants is another … makeup brush). Now for the million dollar question: should you go for the traditional flat tapered brush, the polishing brush, or the new kind on the block: the dense oval brush? (you know, the one that looks like a lollipop and is taking the beauty world by storm).

The traditional foundation brush is flat with flexible bristles that are ideal for blending liquid or cream foundations. It should start in the middle of your face (where you need the most coverage) and blend in a downward motion. For flawless, denser coverage, the Buffing Brush is ideal. The densely packed bristles will buff the product, including liquid, cream, and powder, onto the skin for a more natural look, without the product appearing to just hang on. Also avoid brush marks – winner! FYI, we often find ourselves swooning over Nanshy Buffed Foundation or Real Techniques Buffing or Expert Face Brush.

Now, the one to look at, which we can only describe as something akin to a palette: the dense oval brush. This brush, championed by the likes of Iconic London and quickly imitated by Primark, seems to be the tool of choice right now and is fast becoming a cult classic. This type of brush is ideal for getting the most out of a full coverage liquid foundation. We like it a bit; It is true that it feels quite strange, but your ability to improve is on point. Airbrushed? You can bet!

Kabuki Brush – Possibly the most underrated brush out there. This short-handled, dense, rounded-bristle brush is ideal for absolutely everything; from powder / mineral foundations to bronzers and blushes. Our favorite way to use this is with bronzer to warm up the complexion and subtly sculpt the face.


Key Feature to Attract, Use Lipsticks Which Do That For You

A surprising event when it comes down to facial beauty. It is the easiest and most comfortable lip beauty item and gets you into a new form with a look that does attract men. Use the FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick and see for yourself the effectiveness of the item.

Price: Price is only $7.

Review: The formula is ok for the lips and it is also fine for the skin tone. Maybe with makeup on, it may make a difference. Count on the lipstick for that. The body of the lipstick is top quality and just apply it when you desire and see the difference.

The last time I made one of these posts, I was just starting to blog and was still immersed in the late 2000s body nude trend, although even then I had some pink and a red favorites. Since then I have thrown myself more into the modern renaissance of the 90s, I rarely wear something very nude because with my coloring I feel like I need something to define the lips, so it makes me look more alive and unified. I tried to do this post multiple times, photo versions were taken four times in the last two years, but every time I had other things to check, my options became outdated because I constantly find new favorites. Especially last year I found so many cool new shades so I narrowed it down to 10 and changed everything back as I now have a proper camera. Almost all the shades here are matte because that’s my favorite finish – gloss and especially metallics aren’t my thing at all. This is also my 1000th blog post, so enjoy it.

I’ll do it in a sort of order from lightest to darkest because I like to be organized, but if you’re wondering what the order of my favorites would be, I’d start with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet on Nude-ist, theBalm Meet Matt (e) Hughes at Committed, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream at Cannes and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink at Pioneer.

Like I said in the intro, nudes aren’t my thing anymore, but this one is so pretty and wearable, so it’s one of my rare exceptions. It is similar to Mac’s Patisserie and Peach Blossom, except it has a satin matte finish that never looks dry. It is a beautiful neutral nude with the same amount of pink and peach tones, it is the best of all worlds and a nude that does not erase me. As cheap and useless as the packaging of Jordana’s lipsticks looks, these are really that good, they are pigmented, they don’t dry out and they wear very well – for a few euros you really get a great lipstick.


John Travolta Hair Styles Are A Work of Hair Sprays

It is the 21st century, people are more into looking stylish and attractive. The use of hair sprays is certain and a necessity in most situations. Using the Living Proof Style Lab Flex Hairspray is the first priority that makes you change who you are and not segregate you out of the look world.

Price: Purchase for just $25 through the online store.

Review: You will definitely love this product. It is the best quality hair spray and it you will like to use it when you go to gatherings and formal events. The best heat style for your hair is also for flyaways. This hair spray will make you a special person when you put it on. Effective on soft hair even also after you sleep and will make you the perfectionist you want to be.

It is considered common for many people to have some type of hairspray that they keep in the bathroom or bedroom for when they comb their hair. The question you may have is whether it is correct to just spray hairspray only on the top region of the hair to get a good hold. Or is it okay to put some hairspray near the roots of the hair? And you may also be wondering which type from the wide selection of sprays would be the best to use in different situations.

The truth is that hairspray can provide very good results for your hairstyle. But it is important to place the hairspray at the correct distance. In addition, it is observed that there really is a wide range of hairsprays to nourish various types of hair such as color treated hair, curly hair, as well as dry hair, etc. are hairsprays that are designed to provide protection against damage that can be caused by heavy sun exposure. It’s also good to note that there are some really good hair sprays that are fragrance-free and are great for those who have sensitivities when it comes to various fragrances.

Yes, it is important to understand the correct way to use hairspray. First, it is imperative to make your hairspray selection based on the intended purpose of the hairspray. Apply hairspray that has a light hold if you prefer your hair to be able to move naturally after the hairspray has been applied. When you see hairspray that is labeled as offering strong hold, you apply this type of hairspray to make sure your hair stays in the desired position during most types of weather. In those cases where you put a lot of effort into an elaborate-looking hairstyle, you will surely want it to stay well in place. Then the hairspray labeled as providing ultra-strong hold will achieve that result for you. Other types of hairspray that apply the use of hair varnishes are known to be useful for styling rather short hairstyles or individual strands.

Tip 1

In fact, hair sprays are truly innovative because they prevent strands of hair from clumping and sticking. For best results from these formulas, it is recommended to position the spray part at least a foot from your hair and ensure that the hairspray can is constantly moving during use.

Tip 2

Before applying hairspray, make sure the spray is not clogged or gummy. If the can spray is clogged or sticky, this will result in a spray of jets that are sticky rather than a nice fine mist.

Tip 3

When you want to achieve more volume for your hair, you need to be careful to shake your hair while keeping your head in an inverted position. Next, you will want to pull your hair back again, but be careful not to apply excessive force while doing it. Elevate individual strands of hair, while from a fairly short distance put some hairspray under the strands. You want to make sure that the hair reaches a good level of dryness before moving on to another section.


Eye Mascara In New Color and Shadows

Make a new look get into your overall makeup and use eye mascara. Avail the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette and use it for a totally different new you as it improves the person in you. No other alternatives exist but to get the all-new multi-colored Eyeshadows as it is a reliable item.

Price: Purchase for $45 through the Online store.

Review: The color is strong and looks the same on my eye as in the palette. You will certainly like it. It will be a perfect match eye shadow for you, simply reflecting the effectiveness and beauty that it holds. The texture is good and easy to apply. Not powders flying around at all.

Break it down

At first glance, an eyeshadow palette can be overwhelming; How do you know what goes where? Break it down into a few basic groups to avoid overwhelming and use your shades effectively:

Highlighters – These are the lightest colors and should go just below the forehead, in the inner corners of the eyes, or in the center of the lids.
Accents – These are the richest and most pigmented shades. Apply from lash line to crease.
Transition / Crease Colors – These are neutral and medium tones. Blend them in the crease and out to blend and transition from one shade to the next.
Line / Contour Colors – These are the darkest shades, best applied with an angled eyeliner brush. It can also be used on the outer fold.

Commonly underused shades


At first glance, white eyeshadow can appear harsh and dull. While you don’t want to use it as your only shade, the white shadow is a great highlighter not only for your eyes, but for other areas as well, like Cupid’s bow. You can also use it as a first step, a kind of primer, to make the other colors look brighter.


Another seemingly harsh shade, black is great when used as an eyeliner. Just use a fine, angled brush and apply wet or dry.


Pink isn’t just for Barbie. It can actually be a lovely and very wearable shade. Just be sure to use the right color for your skin tone. Our favorite pink is a bright, light color; looks great especially as a highlighter.


If the idea of ​​blue eyeshadow brings up images of electric blue lids from the 80s, you are not alone. It’s easy to cringe at the idea. But blue can be really beautiful. Try a deep, deep navy or metallic slate blue as part of a smokey eye. Or if you want to go shiny, try a cobalt eyeliner.

If you are looking for a good palette with all these colors and more, we recommend the Lorac Pro palette. It has 8 bright and 8 matte eyeshadows in neutral and cool tones, perfect for all eye colors. They are highly pigmented, so they display the way you want them.

The palettes are designed to be a selection of shades that look beautiful together, making application as easy as possible. Take advantage of this by using all colors; it’s easy with our guide.


Beautify Through An Absolute Face Serum

Face serum that has the ingredient that is for increasing complete facial outlook. Use this product Kiehl’s Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Concentrate and make yourself a new and bright individual. This is the best time for you to get yourself in shape. Try it now as it is effective.

Price: Only for $52 and purchase online with cuts.

Review: You will love this stuff! You can one sample immediately with an online order it would be a decisive change that you have got in the past few years. You will need one to buy for you and family with the discount price tag. Get one or even a couple of bottles. You can use it recursively on a regular. When you wake up in the morning you will look wonderful clear and bright whenever you use it. Try it!

Facial Serums – One of those things that I think everyone * pretends * to know what they are … but they don’t really have a clue. But today I’m going to break it. Are they moisturizers? (Something like). Are they an oil? (Sometimes.) Do they have magical ingredients that will turn my skin into a glowing Jennifer Lopez clone? (Honestly? YASSSS.)

Main takeaway: rock serums. They are an absolute staple in my skincare routine … but it wasn’t always that way. For me, the serums were like “I didn’t know I needed this until I tried it.” But since my first serum, I was hooked. They are packed with nutrients for your skin and offer a great return on your investment. Simply put, they transform your skin more than any simple wash and hydration routine could, because you can tailor-tailor and address your skin’s unique issues. Now, let’s get started with Serum 101:

What is a serum?
Serums are highly concentrated concoctions intended to deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin. Serums allow you to target a specific skin concern (wrinkles, discoloration, acne, etc.) and target that directly. Serums can penetrate deep into the skin (because their molecular size is very small) and provide a very high concentration of active ingredients that makes them mega-effective. AKA: nothing diluted and weak in them. They are like a super powerful and super specific recipe MADE TO tackle a skin problem and solve it.

Is a serum a moisturizer?
Yes and no. Serums can be oil-based and / or packed with moisturizing compounds … it just depends on which one you get! Technically speaking, they can add moisture, but they are not a substitute for your moisturizer. Think of serum as the powerful ingredient that you want to penetrate deeper into your skin, and a rich, rich moisturizer can be used to create a barrier on top of your skin to keep all that goodness from the serum.

When should I apply a serum?
Serums should be applied after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing, so they can deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin and then get locked in with their moisturizer. NOTE: Sometimes less is more – these serums are super potent so 5-10 drops should be enough. (Optional: You can apply a microneedle after applying the serum, but before hydrating it so that the serum penetrates deeper into the skin and increases collagen production.)


A Master Technology For Hair Blow Dry

In the summer when you will bathe a lot use this hair drier to look smart back again. It is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer which makes your looks more prominent and well shaped. This hair drier is a latest technology you will need for your grooming and before makeup.

Price: $399 only and purchase it the the online shop.

Review: This blow dyer is a master piece of most of its kinds. You have bought the best drier you could get from the online market here. You will give the product five stars once you start using this drier.

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of a salon with soft, bouncy curls after blow drying. You feel beautiful, confident, and ready to conquer the world. If you are a genius of explosions or you prefer to dry dry and go, knowing how to use a hair dryer at home will make all the difference, that also without having to go to the salon. But almost all dryers on the market offer dryers with the same characteristics, so choosing the right one is difficult.

At Vega we offer you a wide selection of hair dryers. Comb your hair effortlessly in one go with the Vega Blooming Air 1000W hair dryer. This hair dryer has a special hot and cold airflow adjustment function that allows flexible styling and thorough drying. The fresh air helps to set your hairstyle perfectly. For proper drying and styling, it comes with a concentrator attachment clamp.

What are some uses of the hair dryer?
Your hair dryer can be used to make the bandage or cast less painful to remove. Blow it for a few seconds on the adhesive bandage or plaster to warm the adhesive.
For a few seconds before using, blow your eyelash curler with your hair dryer. A warm curling iron helps create fuller, curler lashes! (Just be careful so you don’t end up burning.)
To set your polish faster, run a cold blow dryer on your freshly painted nails. Since hot air doesn’t dry out the polish, but instead makes it stickier, be sure to use a cold air setting.
The most important thing is to dry your hair for different hairstyles.
How to use a hair dryer
If you’re new to styling your hair and want to know how to use a blow dryer, here’s a step-by-step guide to make styling your hair at home a piece of cake:

Wash your hair
You may think that the “perfect blow-drying routine” doesn’t involve washing your hair, but it does. After using a blow dryer, washed hair is easier to style and looks great. To wash your hair, you can use any standard shampoo, but we recommend using a hydrating shampoo. It will add moisture to the hair and protect it from the drying effects of heat. Proper humidity levels can also make hair look nice and shiny when you know how to use a blow dryer.

Let your hair dry naturally
When hair is wet, it is more prone to damage. Try not to aggressively scrub with a towel or start tumble drying instantly. Instead, use an old towel or t-shirt to cover your hair and gently soak up the excess water. Wrap a towel / t-shirt around your head if you have short hair. Remove the towel and then let it air dry. Straighten your hair and then leave it until it is at least 60 percent dry, you can use a leave-in conditioner. Before understanding how to use a hair dryer, you should also know how to apply a heat shield.

Divide your hair into small sections
Detangle your hair and then segment it according to its length and thickness into small sections. The larger the section, the longer it will take to dry. To separate the pieces, use tweezers and work completely on one side of the hair before switching to the other.