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Extricate Tips On Clothing For Women in Summer

Now that it’s September, fall shopping is officially in full swing! I shared some of my favorite fall finds and tried hauls with you, and they are already yours and my best-loved and best-selling last month, so I wanted to bring together the most loved last few months.

My gold initial necklace is probably my most requested and most used piece (I wear it every day, in the shower, at the pool, at the beach, and I’m amazed at how well it holds up!). A great jewelry item and under $ 15!

  1. Work your capsule wardrobe. Make sure you have reliable staples in your wardrobe: an iconic little black dress, a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, a classic blazer, simple tees and buttons in neutral colors, and an effortless leather jacket (or denim jacket). . Investing in a collection of mix-and-match basics capsules (and learning how to style them) is the key to looking good.
  2. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly. One trick to making any garment look amazing is to hire a good tailor. Tailored clothing not only looks polished, it also feels more comfortable. Pants that drag on the floor and dresses that pile up awkwardly won’t make you feel elegant. If your pod wardrobe fits you well, you can start playing with oversized or oversized items in a way that feels fashionable, not sloppy.
  3. Learn to balance proportions. Balancing proportions is all about designing your outfits to create overall aesthetic harmony. The way you do this is by wearing clothes that fit your body shape. When you want to play with oversized clothes or unusual shapes, make it a fashionable moment by keeping the rest of the look fitted. For example, try pairing a fitted crop top with wide-leg jeans, or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants.

These have been one of my favorite pairs of jeans, I honestly didn’t expect that with Amazon denim! I think with oversized and looser trends, it’s a little easier to shop in inexpensive denim since you don’t worry about how it fits every curve. I love the length of these and the ankle opening, so good! I have both charcoal blue and regular blue denim in small size. Not only are they comfortable, but they are super versatile to dress from top to bottom. Big robbery under $ 50!Find your personal style. Developing a signature style can take years, but you can start by creating a moodboard. Remember that personal style is an experiment; you never know what amazing looks are waiting for you until you are in the dressing room. The categories “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing” shouldn’t dictate how you shop. Take the time to play with colors and shapes to find what looks good on your unique body.

Become a better buyer. Learning how to buy exactly what you want will help you avoid cluttering your closet with items you never use. When your wardrobe is made up of pieces that you love, designing an outfit will become second nature.

Add a belt. Adding a belt to your look is one of the easiest ways to make any outfit look more polished. It’s also a great trick to balance a look that wouldn’t work otherwise, like a long cashmere sweater and a wavy midi skirt.

blue light blocking glasses, amazon best seller, fallPIN IT2. BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES (UNDER $ 25).

    I’ve always loved my oversized and comfortable sweatshirts so I couldn’t be happier that the bigger the better this season. This was a random “add to cart” on Amazon and instantly one of my favorites. I ordered it in XL for a super large fit and it is so cozy. Less than $ 15 and it comes in tons of color options. I just ordered a couple more for the fall as they are so comfortable and easy to put on with biker shorts, hoodies, denim, knee high boots; they are going to be a big trend this fall.1,
  2. Play with color. If you’re nervous about adding color to your look, start with a single colorful piece and keep the rest of your look neutral. As you become more comfortable with colors, you will learn which color combinations work best for your style. Take a look at the color wheel for inspiration.
  3. Mix patterns and textures. Gone are the days of matching your bag with your shoes. Contrasting textures and prints make a bold fashion statement. Start with neutral patterns like stripes and understated textures like leather and knits, adding sequins and paisleys in small amounts (like a scarf, tie, or tote bag) until you learn what works for you.

My Favorite Blue Light Blocking Glasses 🤩 I have had them for months and they are still my favorite pair. They cost less than $ 20 and I love the great round retro shape. I always bring them to the office when I’m looking at screens all day and when we travel, it makes a huge difference!

This striped two piece set was as much my favorite piece from August as you guys. I got tons of direct messages and comments and it’s really that good. I ordered it in pink and yellow too, but they have tons of color combinations so it’s hard to choose. They make the cutest lounge / pajama set or a cute coat for summer / beach trips. Run tts – wearing size small.

This plaid jacket has been a best seller two months in a row and remains one of my favorite fall finds. I love this jacket as much as you do, so chic and super cozy too. I love the soft gray and camel shades together. I can’t wait to wear it a lot this fall and winter. The plaid is selling fast so they have it in a blue version here too.

These patchwork sweatpants are so good and they cost less than $ 60! They’re giving me all the Hailey Bieber vibes and perfect for traveling, running errands, or just lounging around the house. (He wears a size small).

Biker shorts are often my go-to with an oversized tee for an everyday casual look and even an oversized sweatshirt for colder days. Can’t wait to start wearing them with oversized blazers and boots this fall! This pair is super comfortable and has the perfect length; I especially love the ribbed details. (Using small size)

We are all huge sneaker fans and I’m the dumbest every time I find a good pair in any of the kid’s sizes, haha. I found these for Beckam and Ollie and had to place an order. I’m obsessed with her matching sneakers … how cute!

I’m obsessed with the rib sock detail on these boots and I know I’ll be wearing them a lot now that it’s fall. Lightweight neutral boots are super trendy this season and cost less than $ 100! A perfect staple to add to your fall wardrobe.

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