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Review: It is the shoe of the year that will not size down like you would with unisex converse. You can wear any size women’s, but order the one that fits you make sure your choice is not sold out. Since these are women’s shoes they run a little more narrow and your size will always fit you.

In this blog I have examined a variety of shoes. From the most innovative Air Jordan models to the most avant-garde running shoes in the world, I have talked about some beautiful elite shoes. However, I feel it would be a disservice to exclude the most popular sneaker of all time. In my first post, I said that the Jordan 1 was the beginning. Now is the time to talk about the true beginning of the sneaker revolution: the Chuck Taylor.

The Converse All Star were first introduced in 1917 as basketball shoes. It was a fairly simple shoe, made up of just a rubber sole and a canvas upper. The original All Star came exclusively in brown, with an all-black option that arrived in the 1920s. The All Star got its name from basketball player Chuck Taylor. Taylor played for the Akron Firestones when he started wearing the All Star. He liked the shoe so much that he became part of the Converse sales team, organizing clinics and camps for kids that showcased the All Star. His efforts in promoting the All Star were rewarded when Converse added his name to the All Star patch in 1932. Since then, the All Star was known as Chuck Taylor. During World War II, Taylor served as a captain in the Air Force, which is why soldiers wore the All Star during training exercises.

In 1949, Chuck Taylor’s classic black and white hightop was released to the public. It became synonymous with basketball, as the NBA had recently become the league we know today. If someone was a professional or a high school kid, if they played basketball they had Chucks on their feet. Later, the shoe would change to a lifestyle sneaker with the rise of the counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s. It was very popular with rock stars and artists, which made the shoe a fashion statement. more than a performance shoe. From then on, Chuck Taylor became synonymous with individuality and artistic creativity.

Although Converse is now owned by Nike, Chuck Taylor is still as popular as he was in its early days. Over 800,000,000 pairs of Chuck Taylors have been sold throughout history, easily making it the best-selling shoe of all time. If you walk down the street, I can guarantee that you will see at least one pair of Chuck Taylors on someone’s feet.

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