Beautify Through An Absolute Face Serum

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Facial Serums – One of those things that I think everyone * pretends * to know what they are … but they don’t really have a clue. But today I’m going to break it. Are they moisturizers? (Something like). Are they an oil? (Sometimes.) Do they have magical ingredients that will turn my skin into a glowing Jennifer Lopez clone? (Honestly? YASSSS.)

Main takeaway: rock serums. They are an absolute staple in my skincare routine … but it wasn’t always that way. For me, the serums were like “I didn’t know I needed this until I tried it.” But since my first serum, I was hooked. They are packed with nutrients for your skin and offer a great return on your investment. Simply put, they transform your skin more than any simple wash and hydration routine could, because you can tailor-tailor and address your skin’s unique issues. Now, let’s get started with Serum 101:

What is a serum?
Serums are highly concentrated concoctions intended to deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin. Serums allow you to target a specific skin concern (wrinkles, discoloration, acne, etc.) and target that directly. Serums can penetrate deep into the skin (because their molecular size is very small) and provide a very high concentration of active ingredients that makes them mega-effective. AKA: nothing diluted and weak in them. They are like a super powerful and super specific recipe MADE TO tackle a skin problem and solve it.

Is a serum a moisturizer?
Yes and no. Serums can be oil-based and / or packed with moisturizing compounds … it just depends on which one you get! Technically speaking, they can add moisture, but they are not a substitute for your moisturizer. Think of serum as the powerful ingredient that you want to penetrate deeper into your skin, and a rich, rich moisturizer can be used to create a barrier on top of your skin to keep all that goodness from the serum.

When should I apply a serum?
Serums should be applied after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing, so they can deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin and then get locked in with their moisturizer. NOTE: Sometimes less is more – these serums are super potent so 5-10 drops should be enough. (Optional: You can apply a microneedle after applying the serum, but before hydrating it so that the serum penetrates deeper into the skin and increases collagen production.)

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