Eye Mascara In New Color and Shadows

Make a new look get into your overall makeup and use eye mascara. Avail the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette and use it for a totally different new you as it improves the person in you. No other alternatives exist but to get the all-new multi-colored Eyeshadows as it is a reliable item.

Price: Purchase for $45 through the Online store.

Review: The color is strong and looks the same on my eye as in the palette. You will certainly like it. It will be a perfect match eye shadow for you, simply reflecting the effectiveness and beauty that it holds. The texture is good and easy to apply. Not powders flying around at all.

Break it down

At first glance, an eyeshadow palette can be overwhelming; How do you know what goes where? Break it down into a few basic groups to avoid overwhelming and use your shades effectively:

Highlighters – These are the lightest colors and should go just below the forehead, in the inner corners of the eyes, or in the center of the lids.
Accents – These are the richest and most pigmented shades. Apply from lash line to crease.
Transition / Crease Colors – These are neutral and medium tones. Blend them in the crease and out to blend and transition from one shade to the next.
Line / Contour Colors – These are the darkest shades, best applied with an angled eyeliner brush. It can also be used on the outer fold.

Commonly underused shades


At first glance, white eyeshadow can appear harsh and dull. While you don’t want to use it as your only shade, the white shadow is a great highlighter not only for your eyes, but for other areas as well, like Cupid’s bow. You can also use it as a first step, a kind of primer, to make the other colors look brighter.


Another seemingly harsh shade, black is great when used as an eyeliner. Just use a fine, angled brush and apply wet or dry.


Pink isn’t just for Barbie. It can actually be a lovely and very wearable shade. Just be sure to use the right color for your skin tone. Our favorite pink is a bright, light color; looks great especially as a highlighter.


If the idea of ​​blue eyeshadow brings up images of electric blue lids from the 80s, you are not alone. It’s easy to cringe at the idea. But blue can be really beautiful. Try a deep, deep navy or metallic slate blue as part of a smokey eye. Or if you want to go shiny, try a cobalt eyeliner.

If you are looking for a good palette with all these colors and more, we recommend the Lorac Pro palette. It has 8 bright and 8 matte eyeshadows in neutral and cool tones, perfect for all eye colors. They are highly pigmented, so they display the way you want them.

The palettes are designed to be a selection of shades that look beautiful together, making application as easy as possible. Take advantage of this by using all colors; it’s easy with our guide.

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