Cooking Ware of Classic Nature, Discover it Now!

This an interesting collection of kitchen cookingware. GreenLife Soft Grip Pro 12 Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set is the ideal set of kitchen utensils and it is meant for the new and organized kitchen design that you would want to be a part of for making your home more livable.

Price: Only for $59.99 and available online.

Review: This product is where eye-catching style meets kitchen convenience. And it’s not just for looks, this unique ceramic coating is ultra-durable and extra nonstick. They’ve paired this product vibrant exterior with an upgraded ceramic nonstick coating that features exterior-matching diamonds. The re-engineered handle is made from the classic soft-grip material with a unique shape and thumb rest for effortless control.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Clark Stone, the Wüsthof National Sales Director. As part of the Wüsthof team since 1997, he teaches 60-70 knife skills classes each year. Given your high level of experience, you can imagine my excitement at getting to know you better. We took some time to chat about blades, the Wüsthof brand, and Clark’s passion for keeping a knife edge sharp. Hope you enjoy:

Many people do not realize that Wüsthof is still owned and operated by the Wüsthof family. All of our production is still done in Solingen, Germany. We have been manufactured since 1814 in the Wupper River Valley and all we produce are knives. Seven generations of Wüsthofs have continued to build on the foundations laid by those who came before them. There is a Mr. Wüsthof, there is a Ms. Wüsthof, and we are preparing for the eighth generation to grow up and start working in factories and offices, and learning the business.

There is something a little different in Solingen and it is called the Solingen Decree. Solingen knives look a lot like wines from Champagne, France. To be called Champagne, it must be produced in that specific region, otherwise it is just sparkling wine. To say made in Soligen, there is a different standard of quality and cutting performance that must be met, because the city of Soligen has a worldwide reputation for steelmaking. More than 95 percent of the total cost of the product must occur in the region to say Made in Soligen. We are very proud of that fact.

What makes a Wüsthof knife so special? Is it the steel itself, or the grade of the blade, or the weight of the handle?

It is all of the above. The Classic, Classic Ikon, Epicure, and Grand Prix are all examples of a forged knife. A forged knife is made of steel that has been heated and hammered and heated and hammered some more. This method realigns the molecular structure and makes it stronger and more resistant. It takes 40 different processes to make a Wüsthof forged knife from start to finish. And while much of the process is automated, there are still 300 workers in two separate factories who make sure each knife is absolutely perfect. Every knife has to meet rigorous standards before it leaves the factory.

I bought my first Wüsthof online before culinary school, when the internet barely existed. It’s what everyone said to get. I still love it, I still look for it all the time. Short like the day I bought it!

Wüsthof steel holds its edge very well and can be passed on to another generation if cared for. Each knife goes through PEtec, a patented sharpening system that is synonymous with precision edge technology. The use of lasers, computers, and robotics ensures that each knife is sharpened evenly from end to end to meet strict specifications.

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