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Completely New Trend In Dressing Women Tips

This sleek, stylish, and whimsical blog has an entire section tagged “A Little Bit of Self-Acceptance” – need we say more? However, in all seriousness, blog founder Amanda Allison’s on point fashion sense and super positive honesty are addictive. Not only do you want to keep up with her latest outfits, you want to keep up with all the fun she seems to be having too!

No one keeps it real like Corissa from the Fat Girl Flow blog. Yes, her outfits are truly impressive, full of stylish, classy, ​​and fun style. And he fills his posts with refreshingly brutal honesty and fun ideas. You need Fat Girl Flow’s wisdom like you need a wine-filled night with your best friend, except you can’t hang over Corissa’s sharp wit, genuine positivity, and fabulous fashion sense.

For the tall curvy girl
Originating as a haven for tall women to air their tall girl issues, inspire confidence and promote health and wellness, the smart and daring Alloy Apparel blog, originating as a haven for tall women, provides an incredible network of other blogs, influencers and brands that cater to tall, curvy women, not to mention giving readers sneak peeks of the best deals for your tall and plus-size lines.

For the artist
Embodying art through fashion, this one never shies away from vibrant colors, so expect a hot palette any time of year. Inspiring women to look and feel their best, on On The Q Train, Peggy Jean shows off her style of clothing and braids.

For the versatile fashionista: Danielle Vanier offers clothes for all bodies, Danielle Vanier proves that size never has to affect style or sense of self-worth. Filled with makeup, clothing, and accessories, beautiful images are never in short supply.

For when you crave a classic with a twist
Chastity Garner is a California-based Georgia transplant, fusing the style of multiple zip codes. Offering inspiration and advice almost daily for followers of all forms. Challenging readers to be intrepid, its “classic with a twist” aesthetic is never dictated by the size of a label.

For a healthy lifestyle
From the corners of the curve
What started out as a diet journal, From the Corners of the Curve is a body shame-free space that talks about healthy eating and happiness along with a healthy dose of fad. Sharing with other girls the freedom to find fulfillment with your body, Callie’s blog is a destination for photos of outfits, food, travel, and lifestyle posts.

From fitness to designers and clothing trends to self-confidence to pop culture, Inside Allie’s World touches it all. As a published author and plus-size model, Allison McGevna offers the inside scoop on battling body issues and finding a fashion that won’t break the bank.

Tanesha Awasthi is a style influencer with a mission: impact lives through fashion by fostering positive body image and self-esteem regardless of size. From maternity styles to beauty to travel tips, Girl With Curves has tackled it all with a stylish aesthetic.

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